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Poultry management system

Poultry is designed to record all the transactions and activities involved in a hatchery like Flock Purchase, Sales, Expenses, Production standard, Feed Formulation.

Feed formulae can be adapted according to climatic condition, age and availability of raw materials. Flock can be grouped into 3 categories namely Chick Mash (1 – 8 Weeks), Grower Mash (9 – 16 Weeks), Layer Mash (17 – 72 Weeks). Ingredients, Nutrients, Medicine and vaccinations can be given to all groups of hens (Feed type – Chick Mash / Grower Mash / Layer Mash) in order to maintain flock production.Flock production can be maintained with correct ratio of Nutrients, Ingredients and Medicine and Vaccination.

Also Employee – Customer Details are maintained and User will be alerted at right time if they set the alert for Bank balance details, Loan alert details, Feed stock details, Egg stock details, Vaccine stock details, Medicine stock details, Ingredient stock details.

Especially we have designed the backup process for database backup in order to maintain database performance in xml format in order to change the project in other database for future use if needed by our customer.

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