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E - Desk

Today’s Ever Growing Business depends on quick and smooth access to millions of pieces of information everyday. Companies operate from multiple locations; employees travel and telecommunicate any of these information’s to their Customers, Partners and Vendors in other part of the world.

E-Desk administrates Filing, Viewing, Retrieving and Transfer of Documents on your System. It serves as a solution for organizing and managing documents on your system.

E-Desk allows you to organize your file system and retrieve easily. It stores documents in the form of JPG or PDF only. You can store the information in JPG Format as a single file only. If you want to store multiple numbers of files you can store the information in PDF Format.

# Easy Installation
# Easy Deployment
# Quick Scanning
# Digitized document
# Powerful search
# Amount of time spent searching is reduced
# Fast Retrieval of stored information
# Safe to use – Loss of paper documents is avoided
# Manual storage is reduced
# Paperless Work
# Cost control – Stationary, Print, Xerox and Fax

This user manual helps you to know right from installation to how to give user rights, scanning documents, viewing, modification, deletion of already scanned documents briefly. It also provides various kinds of powerful searches for the user to realize the fast retrieval of E-Desk documents.

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